Montreal to receive half a foot of snow next week

Feb 3 2017, 4:08 pm

It appears spring is not quite as near as we thought…

The Weather Network is reporting that Montreal will receive over half a foot of snow next week.

This coming Sunday, Montrealers can expect scattered flurries amounting to 2-4cm of snow.

However, starting next Tuesday a downpouring of up to 30cm will begin.

The Weather Network forecasts between 15 and 20cm of snow on Tuesday, and potentially up to 10cm on Wednesday.


Even worse, temperatures are dipping down into the -20’s. Tuesday is -13, feels like -22, Wednesday will be 0 but feels like -5, and then Thursday is expected to dive into the double digit negatives again at -13, feels like -24.

We can’t say we’re looking forward to this…