Giant marionette dolls are taking over Montreal

Dec 7 2016, 6:11 pm

Montreal is about to get just a tad bit creepier…

According to the official program of events for Montreal’s 375th anniversary, a not-so-secret art installation featuring giant marionette dolls will be set up in the city next May.

Titled, The Giants, the unique sculptures, otherwise known as The Giant Marionettes of the Royal de Luxe street theatre company will be landing in Montreal in May 2017.

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The exhibit is tentatively planned for May 19th until the 21st, however the location is still under wraps.

This means for three full days Montrealers will get to marvel at these historic figures and “experience a very first for the city: the gentle and grandiose promenade of the Royal de Luxe giants.”

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Who’s excited to see giants in the sky? Personally, we can’t wait.

Montreal Marionette Dolls

When: May 19-21, 2017
Where: TBA

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