This Montreal company wants you to never stop for gas ever again

Mar 26 2021, 9:28 am

Imagine never having to pump gas into your car ever again?

Forget the thought of ever having to smell gas on your hands or idling in a gas station for your turn. Fuel It, a new Montreal-based company, is willing to do it all for you.

And as a motorist, all you really have to do is download an app.

Think of Fuel It as a mobile gas station. The company will come to your vehicle, anywhere on the island of Montreal and Laval, and fill up your tank. The service is all booked through its app — for a ¢0.99 monthly subscription (plus the price of the gas.)

Users download the app, create a profile, and schedule times for the service to come to fill up the car. Gas-needers are asked to book a time three hours in advance or book a time slot and simply leave their car’s gas door ajar. There’s no need to contact anyone or interact with the fillers.

In a phone call with Daily Hive, Fuel It co-owner Ryan Chadwick-Chabot says customers get “gas delivered right to your house.”

The company, we deemed was the Uber Eats of gas, launched in January when COVID-19 wasn’t on the radar. “COVID-19 wasn’t part of the plan when we developed and launched,” says Chadwick-Chabot, an alumnus of Loyola High School. “It’s been a blessing and a curse in that sense.”

“People aren’t driving that much since the pandemic, but there’s also been an increase in customers wanting distancing and remote services.”

Since the company’s launch in January. Chadwick-Chabot says Fuel It has been downloaded roughly 6,000 times and is steadily expanding.

“We’re getting a little overloaded with hours, so we’re adding more employees and drivers,” he said. “We’re looking forward to operating full-time when restrictions get better. We haven’t operated in a non-COVID world yet, so we’re excited to do that, eventually.”

The co-owner says the app is ideal for people who have regimented schedules or simply don’t like to gas up. “Your entire process is through the app,” he says. “You get home at night and need gas for the next morning? It’s all done through the app.”

Chadwick-Chabot says the company’s most common fill-up time is overnight. “It’s our preferable time. We like the night fills because there’s less traffic on the road.”

He says the company has private investors, and they’re focused on “several opportunities to grow.” Fuel It plans to set up a network across Canada in the long-term, “instead of thinking about where gas stations are, just book it through our app.”

Admittedly, the app is worth it just so we never have to worry about which side gas tanks are on anymore.

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