The City of Montreal to ban oil heating by 2030

May 7 2019, 12:37 pm

Valérie Plante announced on Monday that the City of Montreal will be phasing out oil heating in order to better protect the environment and to fight climate change.

The ban will be enforced against every oil furnace in the city by 2030.

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This is part of Plante’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases and make Montreal carbon-neutral as quickly as possible.

Plante says all municipal buildings will no longer use oil heating systems by 2021.

Heating oil is the source of 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from Montreal residences and 14 percent of industrial buildings, according to Plante.

The ban will target all sectors including residential, institutional buildings, and industrial when it goes into effect in 2030.

The Plante administration set 2030 as the target date to give landlords and homeowners enough time to make the transition to alternate energy sources.

Tyler JadahTyler Jadah

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