12 Instagram photos from Mandy’s that will make you love salad

Sep 16 2016, 3:31 pm

Goodbye garden salad, hello Mandy’s.

Let’s be honest, salad is not the most exciting meal. The garden salads usually served as a side at restaurants? Pretty uninspired, if you ask me.

Enter Mandy’s. Single-handedly taking salads up a notch, the gourmet salads made at Mandy’s are as inspiring as it gets.

Seriously, even if you maintain that you hate salad, one bite of a Mandy’s salad and your opinion will be changed forever.

With a range of flavours like Curry Quinoa and Salmon Sensation, and unique ingredients such as figs, edamame, baked pita chips, and Montreal smoked meat, Mandy’s is truly a holy land for all things salad-related.

Served in gorgeous porcelain bowls or Mandy’s specialty to-go containers, if you live in Montreal and haven’t eaten at Mandy’s, you’re doing something wrong.

So to motivate you to start eating those greens, check out 12 Instagram pics from Mandy’s below:

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To sum up, Mandy’s = life.


Where: 5033 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 201 Avenue Laurier Ouest, 2067 Rue Crescent