Give your home some TLC with a luxury-inspired makeover

May 29 2018, 12:01 am

It’s easy to fall in love with your surroundings when you’re staying at a plush resort. Often, you leave the place dreaming of a home with a similar design.

Now’s the time to stop dreaming and make it happen – because you can.

It’s possible to achieve the dream home you have pictured yourself living in, no matter what size your space is. And it all comes down to interior interior design.

Montreal’s Avenue Design can help you transform your living space into a lush environment and the brand’s wide range of high-end furniture will simply make you swoon.

Living room

Hillsborough buffet cabinet/Avenue Design

This season, you can step away from conventional storage cabinets with Avenue Design as the brand has a vast collection of stunning modern pieces that you’ll never get tired of looking at. You have the option to customize cabinets like the Hillsborough buffet and make it your own by choosing from a range of artisan wood finish and paint options.

Wayland round wood ottoman/Avenue Design

You don’t have to settle for a single-use ottoman. Avenue Design combines style with functionality in their furniture to create beautiful pieces. The Wayland round wood ottoman can be purchased in fabric or leather, with or without custom embellishments, ultimately giving you more choice.

Dining room

Synchronicity round dining table/Avenue Design

Make every dinner special with the synchronicity round dining table featuring hickory veneers and hardwood solid wood. It has a casual connection where boundaries dissolve to give you a radiant piece of timeless, statement furniture that your guests will repeatedly compliment.

Soliloquy bar cabinet/Avenue Design

Elevate nights in with your own classically designed soliloquy bar cabinet. Prepare your favourite libation after you take the essentials out of this European-inspired designed cabinet that offers a unique sense of formality. With a stone top, European hinges, bottle storage, and a gallery rail, it’s got all the elegance you need.


Bedroom/Avenue Design

Avenue Design boasts everything to make the ultimate bedroom happen. This starts with luxurious bedframes in a selection of sizes, finishes, and designs, while extending to accessories like lamps, mirrors, and cushions, to make your desired look extra plush.

Eldridge drawer chest/Avenue Design

When it comes to bedroom storage, the Eldridge drawer chest offers a neutral, contemporary design that works with all kinds of spaces. Of course, you can make it your own with custom embellishments, an artisan wood finish, and custom paint options.

And if you’re thinking “I couldn’t design my place alone,” it’s far from true. Getting started is easier than you think, and Avenue Design even offers at-home design consulting services making the process easier for you. Best of all, you can easily book your appointment online.

To see even more awe-inspiring furniture and designs that could help you transform your space, visit Avenue Design.

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