$1 million lottery ticket expires after Quebec winner doesn't claim prize

Jan 7 2021, 8:31 pm

The only thing worse than not being a millionaire is almost becoming one.

A $1 million winning ticket that was purchased on July 5, 2019, has been redistributed back into the system to be circulated as bonus prizes and special draws.

On January 4, 2021, one of Loto-Québec’s $1 million winning prizes expired. The crown corporation says the winning ticket was purchased in Gatineau but that nobody ever stepped up to claim the big-time loot.

In an email with Daily Hive, Renaud Dugas, the Press Relations Advisor for Loto-Québec, says “million-dollar jackpots very rarely go unclaimed.” He says 98% of winners worth a million dollars or more come forward to claim their prize within two to three weeks of the draw.

Dugas says Loto-Québec “systematically informs the general public” when a prize goes unclaimed and says the company published seven separate news releases advising the unknown winner that the July 5 (2019) prize had been won in Gatineau.

Dugas says the one-year expiration date was extended by six months due to the pandemic, making January 3, 2021, the last day for the winner to claim the smooth $1 million prize.

A current list of unclaimed prizes worth a million dollars or more can be found on the Loto-Québec website. Because, if you win a million dollars, the best place to keep it is probably your bank account.

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