La Ronde is hosting an all-night after hours party next month

Aug 19 2019, 1:45 pm

As if amusement parks arenā€™t scary enough, La Ronde is hosting an all-night after hours party in September.

Instead of its usual daytime hours,Ā La RondeĀ will be open from 9 pm to 5 am so you can scream, ride, and party without that pesky sun in celebration of La Nuit Blanche.

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La Rondeā€™s concession stands and arcade games will remain open and the site will host a variety ofĀ DJs that include: Prince Paris, Poirier, Domeno, Miss Shelton, Tizi, Kleancut, Carl Muren, Marshalls, Castnowski, and Forrest.

Guests will be able to ride all of La Ronde’s roller coasters and rides throughout the night/morning with the exception of the minirail, La Grande Roue, Spirale, Le Galopant, Le Grand Carrousel, Le Dragon, Aqua Twist, Splash, Catapulte, and theĀ entire kid’s section of Ribambelle.

Speaking of, only guests aged 18 years and older are permitted inside the park’s Nuit Blanche and must show a valid photo ID.

Tickets to get into the all-night party are availableĀ online now for $44.99Ā and season-ticket holders are given a reduced rate of $19.99.

According to La Ronde’s website, Season passes, memberships and Season Dining Passes are not accepted at La Nuit Blanche and park organizers urge guests to show up via public transport because, alcohol.

Ā Nuit Blanche at La Ronde

When:Ā Friday, September 20
Time:Ā 9 pm ā€“ 5 am
Where:Ā La Ronde
Price:Ā  $46.99, available online

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