How to grow YouTube likes, views, and subscribers quickly

Jan 5 2021, 8:02 pm

No one wants to wait years to attract attention to their YouTube channel. If you’re like most new content creators on YouTube, you want to quickly grow your YouTube channel. Developing a channel means gaining a lot of likes, views, and subscribers within a short timeframe. Do you think you have what it takes?

All you need is to get pointed in the right direction. Then you won’t ever wonder how to get subscribers again. Instead, the subscriber count on your channel will rapidly increase and boost the views and likes on all the new video content you upload. Once your channel has gotten to this point, you won’t have to work as hard to gain more subscribers in the future. They will keep coming to you naturally.

Below are the top 7 ways to quickly add more likes, views, and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Buy YouTube Likes, Views, and Subscribers

The easiest and fastest way to grow YouTube likes, views, and subscribers is to purchase them from an online vendor. New YouTube channels always struggle the most because it takes them a long time to gain attention naturally. But that can be overcome if you purchase likes, views, and subscribers to get your channel on the right track.

Of course, you should not get carried away with it. Keep the growth casual by purchasing a small number of likes, views, and subscribers each week. Don’t buy a million subscribers and expect to get your channel featured. The YouTube algorithm can detect huge jumps in your subscriber count.

It is better to buy subscribers on a more gradual basis. Then you won’t risk getting flagged or punished by the system.

Enable Comments and Reply to Them 

Some video creators might feel uncomfortable enabling comments on their videos because of all the trolls and negative people online. But you need to encourage your viewers to participate in your channel if you want to gain more subscribers. If you enable comments, it will increase engagement with your videos and channel.

But it isn’t enough to enable comments. You must also make it a habit to reply to comments too. Even if you receive negative comments, respond to them with positive statements that are helpful and encouraging. Keep the discussions going with people so that they come back to your channel repeatedly.

The number of views on your videos will increase drastically if the same people keep coming back to read your replies. Then it will benefit your channel’s rank in the search engine because of the higher number of views its videos have received.

Add a “Subscribe Button” Watermark to Your Videos

YouTube has a relatively new feature where you can add a custom watermark to all your videos. The watermark is usually placed in the bottom right corner of the videos. It can be a little icon or image of your brand’s logo or some other personalized picture.

The watermark’s primary purpose is to brand your videos so no one can steal them from your channel and claim them as their own. However, you can use the watermark feature to gain more subscribers if you get creative with it. Rather than using a branded image as the watermark, use a “subscribe button” icon as the watermark.

The YouTube subscribe button is rectangular with a red background and white text that reads “Subscribe.” You usually see this button underneath each video that is uploaded to YouTube. But what you can do is create a similar-looking button as an image and make it the watermark for all your videos.

You can also hyperlink your watermark and turn it into an actual subscribe button. It should cause your subscriber count to skyrocket after the watermark is placed on all your videos.

Focus on Creating Quality Content

The most common advice about how to grow a YouTube channel is to keep uploading videos regularly. However, if the quality of the videos is not excellent, then it doesn’t matter how many videos you upload because people won’t want to watch them. It is much better to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Some of the most successful YouTube channels have one or two new videos uploaded each month. People will subscribe to your channel if they see good content uploaded onto it. That is why all your attention should be focused on the production quality of your videos.

Try to use an HD video camera with a tripod for stabilization. Use a good quality microphone so the audio is clear to viewers. And most importantly, produce a video that gives people value, whether it’s entertainment or educational value. Don’t be too promotional because that will turn people off.

Publish Longer Videos

Another misconception about YouTube channel success is that you have to post short and concise videos no longer than two minutes. The truth is that longer videos rank better on YouTube, which means you’ll get more views and likes to those videos.

People have short attention spans and probably won’t watch your video for longer than five minutes. Just in case that happens, try putting the most exciting content near the beginning of your videos rather than at the middle or end of them. That is how you grab people’s attention early on so they’ll have an incentive to watch the rest of your videos.

Promotional End Credits 

It is okay to use promotional content at the end of your videos. If people have sat through an entire video, they will probably want to see more of your videos. Add links and advertisements to your other YouTube videos at the end of each video. It will give people a gateway to find these other videos without having to search for them.

Each one of your videos can be a link to another great video. Eventually, it will create a chain of videos linked together for viewers to discover. It is the best way to keep the same viewers on your channel without having them click away and go elsewhere. Then you will see more likes, subscribers, and watch time on your channel.

Social Media Promotions

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for YouTube videos. YouTube makes it easy to share your videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Click the “Share” button on your video and it will show a list of social media icons. Click the icon of where you want to share the video and it will get embedded on your social media page.

If you have many followers or subscribers on these social media networks, you can gain more views and likes quickly. What is also great is that your social media connections might share your videos with their connections too. That could earn you new subscribers in addition to more views and likes.

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