You can now hire a cyclist to transport your stuff on moving day in Montreal

Jul 28 2016, 1:16 am

Moving into a new place? Save the environment and take advantage of Montreal’s incredible urban cycling system with Déménagement Myette. Déménagement Myette is a Montreal-based company that will transport your items, including couches, tables, and even kitchen appliances, via bicycle.

In just a few hours, Déménagement Myette will bundle up everything you want moved, load it onto a bike-drawn trailer, and be on their way to your new house.

According to Matthew Gaines, a spokesman for Déménagement Myette, DM has six teams of bike movers that are capable of completing up to 12 moves per day. DM trailers can pack up to 270 kilograms of cargo for one trip.

Once the DM movers arrive at your new house, they will unload the trailers and bring everything inside for you.

Rates start at $65/hour and students and seniors are eligible for a 10% discount. Payments can be made via cash or credit card.

Déménagement Myette is available anywhere in Montreal though their most popular client base is located in the Plateau.

To get a free estimate, click here.

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