François Legault trolls social media followers posing with Leafs jersey

Apr 1 2022, 2:12 pm

You really have to be wary about everything on April 1. Including political sacrilege.

Quebec Premier François Legault shared an alarming image across his social media channels on April 1, featuring the politician smugly posing with a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

In another rarity, Legault captioned his Instagram and Twitter photo, “Go Leafs Go!” in English.

Boy, April Fool’s really is wild.

As a clue that it’s a joke, Legault posted an emoji of a fish in reference to “poisson d’avril,” the French equivalent to “April Fool’s.”

The comments have been exactly as expected, “borderline treason,” “I couldn’t believe my eyes for a second,” along with several vomiting emojis.

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