Quebec company launches revolutionary 'window face masks' for hearing impaired

Dec 10 2020, 3:08 pm

A Quebec company has launched the first-of-its-kind face mask in Canada.

Entreprise Prémon has designed a face mask with a window to allow the hearing impaired to read lips.

The Humask-Pro Vision is being designed for “the family and professional circle of people with hearing loss,” states the company, which manufactures the Health Canada-approved masks out of their plant in Louiseville, Quebec.

The company says a shortage of face masks prompted the group to launch the business at the onset of the pandemic. Entreprise Prémon says production has begun to meet the “strong demand” for this type of face mask in Canada and the United States.

“We are currently able to manufacture thousands of masks per week. Starting in January 2021, output will speed up to millions of units per week, because we are on the way to fully automated production,” says Luc Girard, an Entreprise Prémont partner.

The Humask-Pro Vision features extra space between the mouth and transparent window, allowing for extra comfort and breathability. The plastic is made with anti-fog and anti-reflective properties, and sounds aren’t muffled or distorted, says the company.

Humask-Pro Vision will be distributed through schools, hospitals, and government institutions, as well as specialized distributors. The mask will also be available to the public from the beginning of 2021 on the company’s website.

“We hope healthcare professionals, school and daycare staff, employers and retailers will procure Humask-Pro Vision to better meet the needs of people with hearing loss,” concluded the company’s press release.

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