This new Montreal restaurant is opening just in time for Grand Prix weekend

Jun 6 2018, 3:07 am

We’ve all heard it before: location, location, location.

Fuse that with some perfect timing and Crescent Street’s newest restaurant, The Artisanale, is primed for a massive opening weekend.

The Artisanale is a trendy craft beer restaurant that opens just in time for the herds of people celebrating Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. The restaurant will offer tasty bites and a stunning view of Crescent from their comfy patio.

The casual dining spot will open on Thursday and offer their brand new menu to the public. Food items include a broccoli caesar salad, a sweet potato poutine, shrimp-battered pogo, cornish hen, and a Memphis-rub fried chicken.

The Artisanale (have you tried separating their name yet) is an industrial and rustic style restaurant that has an elevated L-shaped terrace that overlooks both Boulevard Maisonneuve and Crescent Street.

As if anybody in Montreal needs another reason to head over to Crescent Street this weekend, The Artisanale’s big launch is Thursday, June 7 and they’re open until 3 am after dinner service.

The Artisanale

  • When: Thursday, June 7
  • Time:  11 am – 3 am
  • Where:  1471 Crescent Street
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