8 places where you can score the best iced coffee in Montreal

Jul 6 2017, 7:25 pm

Its officially iced coffee season!

As much as we love our hot lattes, we prefer to enjoy it on ice for a much cooler vibe during the summer months.

So to make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of 8 top-notch spots where can you find the best iced coffee around Montreal.


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CREW, located in the historic Royal Bank building, is a Montreal hot spot. Named “the most beautiful co-working space in the world” by no other than Forbes Magazine, this coffee joint is so much more than a caffeine counter. You go there for the beauty of the space, the convenience of their meeting rooms, their great food and also, rumour has it that they also serve a killer iced coffee.
Where: 60 St-Jacques
Instagram: @crewcollectivecafe


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This Little Burgundy spot is not only know for their coffee, but also for their cozy vibe. The owners are some of the coolest guys in town and their iced coffee kills the game. Why? Because of the espresso ice cubes. No more watered down iced coffee thanks to this genius idea.
Where: 2713 Notre-Dame St W.


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This cute micro-coffee spot is a local favourite. They have a limited pastry selection that are made in-house and out-of-this world coffee. Visit for a quick snack on the go, accompanied by a coffee, their specialty. No wonder there’s a lineup there everyday!
Two locations: 5612 Monkland, 1206 Stanley


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This new address is owned and operated by Italians that have one thing in mind: serving the freshest and the best of their native country. The decor is straight out of Brooklyn and so is their authentic pizza and delicious iced coffee. Did we mention it’s downtown? Convenience and awesomeness in one!
Where: 1202 Rue Bishop
Instagram: @ParmaCafeMtl


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This instagram-worthy bakery is not only serving great, fresh, and made-to-order pastries, but also kick-ass coffee. Part of the 3rd coffee wave, Maesmi is serving sustainable coffee that can be appreciated however you desire. For coffee aficionados, the cold brew is amazing.
Where: 3353 Masson
Instagram: @maesmi_mtl


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The owners of Paquebot called themselves “Coffee Nerds” because their coffee game is out of this league. Specialized in cold brews, you can enjoy the craziest iced coffee mocktails concoctions such as the Cold Curry Late that is absolutely delightful.
Where: 2110 Bélanger
Instagram: @ paquebotcafe


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With three locations on the island of Montreal, Myriade is a coffee institution in Montreal. Renowned for their cute decor, professional staff, and their amazing coffee offer (they work with top-notch Canadian brewers Parallel 49th), they are now serving a premium made-to-order ice coffee at all their locations.
Instagram: @cafemyriade
Three locations: 1432 Mackay • 1000 St Catherine W • 4627 Saint-Denis


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Old Montreal’s coolest coffee shop is serving up some delicious iced drinks. Owned by restaurateur Thomas Vernis who was seeking a “cool coffee joint” for the Generation Y, Tommy is all about the fun and casual, yet delicious menu. Grab their iced mocha – it’s to die for!
Where: 200 Notre Dame O.
Instagram: @tommymontreal


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