11 24-hour places you can work from in Montreal

Oct 24 2016, 5:20 pm

Finding the perfect study spot is hard enough, but for those of us night owls it can prove even more difficult. If you’re someone who frequently pulls all-nighters, it helps to know where you can go when you just can’t sit in your apartment any longer.

From cafes to poutine eateries, here is your complete guide to 24-hour studying in Montreal.

Tim Horton’s

A given. They’re everywhere, they serve inexpensive food and drinks, and they have reliable wifi (most of the time).
Where: For a complete list of 24-hour locations in Montreal, click here

Second Cup

Another given, but it must be said. Second Cup also has a number of 24-hour locations for you to bang out that history paper at 4am.
Where: For a complete list of 24-hour locations in Montreal, click here

Cafe Milano

Located in Saint Leonard, this Italian coffee shop is known for their hearty Italian sandwiches, strong coffee, and scrumptious cannolis. As an added bonus, they are also open 24 hours.
Where: 5188 Rue Jarry Est

Cafe Noir

The aptly named Cafe Noir is yet another 24-hour independently-run coffee shop. Located right next to Station Mont Royal, this cafe is easily accessible by metro and serves up pizza and salads in a cozy space.
Where: 440 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Le Resto du Village

Comfort food at its best, this diner near Beaudry Station is open all night long on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for your studying (and eating) pleasure. The only thing that could make a midnight study session better is banana chocolate chip pancakes.
Where: 1310 Wolfe St

Cafe Net 24

Situated on Decarie, Cafe Net 24 is a short walk from Cote Vertu metro station and offers reliable internet access all night long.
Where: 903 Boulevard Décarie

La Banquise

Poutine at 2am? Always a good idea. When it comes to late night study sessions, late night study snacks are a necessity. Head to the best of the best, bring your textbooks, and hunker down for a night full of poutine-eating and note-taking.
Where: 994 Rue Rachel E

Caffe San Simeon

Caffe San Simeon is one of the highest rated coffee shops on this list. Though they’re not technically open 24 hours, they are open from 6 am until 3 am every single day, giving you a pretty good timeframe for getting some hardcore studying done. Don’t pass up on their insanely good coffee.
Where: 39 Rue Dante


Steps from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts sits Kafein, an artsy cafe that’s open late almost every night of the week. Again, this option isn’t technically 24 hours, but it is open until 3 am on weekends and until 12 am almost every other night of the week (except for Sundays). Plus, they host fun poetry and arts events throughout the week.
Where: 1429 Rue Bishop

Restaurant Miami Deli

This Floridian-esque diner has big comfy booths and American comfort food that will help you get in the zone all night long. Open 24 hours every day of the week, Miami Deli is the place to be if you have non-internet studying to do (sadly, they don’t offer free wifi).
Where: 3090 Rue Sherbrooke E

Bar Kabinet

This Russian-themed espresso and cocktail bar is like nowhere else in Montreal. Providing a mellow space to study, even in the wee hours of the morning, Bar Kabinet is a great option. It’s open until 3am every day of the week except Sunday and Monday when it’s only open until 2am.
Where: 92 Avenue Laurier O

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