15 best first date ideas in Montreal

Jun 15 2016, 4:28 am

So, you’re going on a date. Great.

The tricky part is not to go down that cliché route of dinner and drinks. A date consisting of an activity gives you room to shine and get creative to not just impress your date, but also avoid that potential awkward small talk.

So to help your future self out, here are my 15 best first date ideas so that even if the date sucks, at least you’ll still have fun!

Escape Room

Let’s see how your crush acts under pressure.

Explore a Market

Pretend you know about horticulture. That always works.

Paint Pottery

The best part? It guarantees a 2nd date a week later when you go back to pick up your masterpieces.

Axe Throwing

It’s always good to know who’s better at throwing sharp objects.


‘Cause everyone’s got a soft spot for penguins.

Cooking Class        

Make sure to find out what allergies your date has beforehand; otherwise you’ll be enjoying a not-so-romantic emergency room visit.

Image: kaboompics.com/pexles

Image: kaboompics.com/pexles

Plan a Picnic

Warning! This can be cheesy. Use with discretion.

Take a Boxing Class Together

Nothing says love like an uppercut to the chin.

Berry Picking

Then go bake together. Dating level = expert.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

They’ll be stuck with you for hours so don’t be creepy.

Be a Tourist

Something that we rarely actually do in our own city. Pick one of our beautiful landmarks and enjoy!

Mini Putt

Your date probably hasn’t played minigolf since grade 8 so this makes for a nice little throwback.

Boating on the Canal

If they still look cute in a lifejacket, they’re a keeper.

Ride a Scooter

It’s the only riding that’s likely to happen one date #1.


But if you absolutely want to go for dinner, at least step out of your comfort zone and do it in the dark.


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