10 Montreal athletes you need to follow on Instagram

May 10 2017, 9:45 pm

Athletic talent is abundant in Montreal, but that’s not the only thing the city’s athletes have going for them. With the help of social media, we get to experience each of their personalities through photos and videos.

Here are 10 Montreal-based athletes you need to follow on Instagram:

1. Genie Bouchard (Tennis)


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Montreal native Eugenie Bouchard is a must follow. She’s built her Instagram empire with behind the scenes training, selfies, and model pics. It’s everything you could ever want from an athlete on social media.

2. George St-Pierre (MMA)

Friday training is always the hardest… Have a great weekend everyone! Bonne fin de semaine à tous!!!

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George St. Pierre is a funny and lighthearted guy considering his profession is beating the pulp out of people. The Montreal fighter’s personality is on full display in his many training videos and photos.

3. Justine Dufour-Lapointe (Freestyle skiing)

Bye bye Seoul!!! 🇰🇷👋🏼

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Olympic gold medallist Justine Dufour-Lapointe is a professional freestyle skier from Montreal. She fills her Instagram with stylish photos of herself, along with photos of family, friends, and of course, skiing moguls.

4. Maxim Bouchard (Diving)

Maxim Bouchard is an Olympic diver first and foremost, but you’d expect that to be just a hobby based on the content of his Instagram. The Montreal-based diver is a big time Instagram model with new photos posted multiple times every week.

5. Russell Martin (Toronto Blue Jays)

Montreal’s own Russell Martin has become a big name in Canadian sports. The Toronto Blue Jays catcher is one of the MLB’s best, and he uses Instagram to document the hard work he puts in.

6. Josee Belanger (Soccer)

Josee Belanger of the Canadian women’s soccer team is jacked. When not playing soccer, Josee spends her time lifting weights in Montreal and she’s not afraid to show off how much she can lift.

Follow her if you need extra motivation.

7. Andrew Shaw (Montreal Canadiens)

This is how you keep a nicely groomed muzzy #movember #leftovers #showersoptional #charman

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Andrew Shaw may have just joined the Montreal Canadiens this past season, but you can get to know him through his Instagram. If you love dogs and family, Shaw is your man.

8. Meaghan Benfeito (Diving)

There’s always a reason to smile, you just have to find it 😁

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Meaghan Benfeito always seems to be near or around water. The three-time Olympic medallist in diving has an account chalked full of  friends and fun.

Give the Montreal native a follow to see how she makes use of her down time.

9. Blerim Dzemaili (Montreal Impact)

My Family ❤ #birthday #31 😱😱😱 #dzemaili

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The newest addition to the Montreal Impact is Swiss midfielder Blerim Dzemaili. He keeps his Instagram account up to date with little peeks into his family’s life and their travels around the world.

10. Kyries Hebert (Montreal Alouettes)

Half court, one 🤚, from the bum!! @mtlpromos @athletes.montreal @iamstevedaniel

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Kyries Hebert has a busy life off the football field with the Montreal Alouettes. Follow him on Instagram to see how he fills his schedule with training, community work, and a little goofing around.

Bonus: P.K. Subban (Nashville Predators)

Hey, Don, just having a little fun. Like my suit?

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I know P.K. Subban is no longer a member of the Montreal Canadiens, and he’s from Toronto, but he’s still near and dear to the hearts of Montrealers.

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