Wander the streets of Wuhan on this virtual tour

Apr 30 2020, 10:41 pm

Wuhan, China, has been the topic of substantial media coverage over the last few months.

Now, group tour company Walks is offering users the unique opportunity to explore the city for themselves with an online virtual tour that comes complete with a local guide.

“Many of our guests around the world have just learned about the city of Wuhan for the first time, and the depiction has not been positive,” the company’s website explains. “Rather than focusing on recent events that thrust Wuhan into the spotlight, the tour will provide an introduction to the city by a local Wuhan resident.”

The virtual tour will visit some of the major cultural attractions in Wuhan, such as East Lake, the university, and the Yangtze River.

Tourists will also learn about the local culinary scene and “snack culture.” There may even be some tidbits and fun facts about the city’s relevance in Disney’s Mulan.

The virtual tour is unique in its content and approach, and users have a lot to look forward to, including learning more about the reopening of Wuhan earlier this month and being able to connect and converse with other guests from around the world.

“The capital city of the Hubei province in central China, Wuhan was thrust unwittingly onto the world stage, making it the most famous city of 2020 — and yet most of us know little about it,” the site describes. “Curiosity lies at the root of every traveller’s journey, and this is your chance to open your eyes to a bustling metropolis at the intersection of the ancient and modern.”

Wuhan officially reopened on April 8 after a two-month lockdown; residents are now able to travel, go to grocery stores and public parks, and even use public transport.

“Life is slowly returning to a normal that many of us are still months away from experiencing ourselves,” the website states.

Users will receive a firsthand account of what daily life is like today from their local guide as she shares her personal experience working as a community service volunteer, assisting to ensure the health and safety of her fellow residents.

There will also be an opportunity to ask the host any questions that you may have directly at the end of the tour.

The tour costs USD $10 and you can book your place online through the Walks website. Guests will also receive a USD $25 voucher for any Walks tour that is valid for two years.

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