Airline tells passengers they'll have to ask to use the bathroom this summer (VIDEO)

May 13 2020, 12:48 pm

It seems as though passengers aboard Irish budget airline Ryanair will be taking a step back in time to elementary this summer as they will soon be required to ask permission to use bathrooms onboard its aircraft.

The airline announced in a press release on Wednesday that it anticipates returning 40% of its regular flight schedules from Wednesday, July 1, as long as government stipulations on domestic flights within the EU are lifted and sufficient health and safety protocols are placed at airports.

Ryanair will conduct a daily flight schedule of nearly 1,000 flights, reinstating 90% of its route network pre-COVID-19.

The airline has also implemented a series of health measures to hinder the further transmission of the virus. Such measures include limiting the allowance number for checked baggage, implementing self-check-in online, having passengers download their boarding passes to their smartphones, and issuing temperature checks at airport entry. Staff and passengers are also required to wear face coverings/masks at all times in the airport as well as onboard aircraft.

“While temperature checks and face masks/coverings are the cornerstone of this healthy return to service, social distancing at airports and onboard aircraft will be encouraged where it is possible,” the release states.


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While onboard, Ryanair cabin crew will offer modified inflight service with prepackaged snacks and drinks and only opting for cashless transactions.

On top of these added restrictions, the new rules extend to the usage of onboard bathroom facilities as well.

“Queuing for toilets will also be prohibited on board, although toilet access will be made available to individual passengers upon request,” the release explains. “Ryanair encourages passengers to regularly hand wash and use hand sanitizers in airport terminals.”

Additionally, Ryanair will also require passengers travelling in July and August to disclose the duration of their visit and the address of their residence or accommodation while visiting another EU country at the point of check-in.

This information will be given to EU governments to assist them in maintaining and monitoring the various quarantine regulations that visitors are required to adhere to for domestic EU flights as various lockdowns are gradually lifted.

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