Incredible new photo paints a vivid picture of climate change

Jun 19 2019, 2:03 am

A recent photo of sled dogs trekking through melted sea ice is being regarded as an impactful symbol of changing climate conditions.

Danish climatologist Steffen M. Olsen captured the image on the afternoon of June 13, in the middle of Inglefield Bredning in Greenland. As this is an unusual terrain for sled dogs, the capture is an indication of the accelerated warming in the Arctic regions and the risks they present to our current way of life.

Olsen shared on Twitter that the ice in this location is around 1.2 metres thick, and there is 870 metres of water below them. These conditions are presenting difficulties and dangers for hunters, dogs, and onsite teams.

The early, accelerated melting season is being caused by uncharacteristically high temperatures, with Greenland peaking at 40 degrees above normal last week.

Audiences have reacted to the impactful image and are expressing their concerns for our planet.

Kellie PaxianKellie Paxian

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