Jet Airways leaves passengers stranded after cancelling all international flights

Apr 12 2019, 6:48 pm

Many Jet Airways passengers are left both stranded and frustrated as what was once India’s biggest airline has grounded all international flights.

Friday’s three departures from Heathrow – two to Mumbai and one to Delhi – have been cancelled, along with the corresponding inbound services. Five flights from Hong Kong to Mumbai to India have also been cancelled so far, as well as a number of flights within India.

The Jet Airways near-collapse and flight cancellations bear a number of similarities to the financial troubles of Icelandic airline WOW air last month, and serve as a warning for stranded travellers that when departures stop on a troubled airline, they may not start again.

On their website, Jet Airways is telling passengers, “Due to operational reasons, our flight schedule has been impacted. We realize that this has affected your travel plans and truly regret the inconvenience.”

Frustrated travellers are left with the option to contact Jet Airways’ 24/7 Contact Centre or airline Guest Relations to handle schedule adjustments, re-accommodation choices or to request full refunds.

Passengers with Jet Airways domestic flights in India can switch to other carriers if there is reasonable capacity. If the flight was booked direct, card issuers should provide refunds upon receipt of proof of the flight cancellation.

Travellers on international flights from India to the UK faced with extremely high fares for immediate departures, with the cheapest available deal from Mumbai to Heathrow bookable direct appearing to be $1,141 CAD on Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa.

If Jet Airways formally closes then other airlines will step in with “rescue fares” for stranded passengers – for around $523 CAD for a one-way ticket.

See here for a full list of the cancellations that Jet Airways has published to their website so far.

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