Top Instagram accounts to follow for all the New York City inspiration

Aug 10 2018, 10:59 pm

Ah, New York City – the place where everyone instantly becomes an Instagram influencer upon arrival. While it’s hard to get a bad shot of this vibrant city, some Instagrammers do a better job than others at capturing the true essence of NYC.

The best cure for the ol’ New York travel bug is obviously to hop on a plane, but when that’s not a possibility, we’ll settle for scrolling through pics of it on our Instagram feed.

Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow from New York City.



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All of New York City’s most aesthetically pleasing cafés, restaurants, doorways, alleys, nooks and crannies can be found right here on @prettycitiesnewyork. If this adorable, charming, photogenic account doesn’t persuade you to book a flight to New York, nothing will! Next step: match your own Instagram feed to this one.


42nd st.

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If you’re looking for epic photos of an epic city, look no further than Humza Deas’ account. This adventure junkie is always looking for new vantage points to capture the city that has captured his heart, and there’s a good chance that New York has never looked better than from the eye of his drone.


“I’m trying to finish writing a book. I’m on my fourth draft and have 70,000 words so far. It’s an adventure tale set in Jamaica. My main character is a twelve-year old girl named Kristi. She’s the same age that I was when I left the island. I really want to write something that resonates back home. I’ve been researching the history and folklore of the country. I’m trying to get the dialect just right. I want Jamaicans to recognize themselves and be proud. I’ve been working on it for four years now. I’ve given up on so many other things. I gave up on being a doctor. I’ve given up writing other stories. I lost sixty pounds last year, but before that I’d given up on so many diets. So I’m determined to finish this. I try not to think about other goals for the book. Because the more I need from it, the more I freeze up. I have a lot of debt. I have a lot of relatives in Jamaica that need money. But if I start writing to feel hopeful about my financial situation, the words won’t come. So my goal is just to finish my fourth draft. And if that happens, my next goal is to get a rejection letter that tells me something I can improve.”

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Also a New York Times #1 bestseller, this account gives you a taste of what makes a New Yorker a New Yorker. The city is truly is a melting pot of every different type of culture, personality, profession, and style in the world. And this account shares daily insights into the struggles and triumphs that make up the pulse of NYC.


From the window of my cab—one place I don’t mind the rain. #nycrossings

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Patrick is one of our favourite NYC photographers to follow. He’s got style, he’s got flair, and he’s got an eye for capturing the different corners of the city in ways that really make it shine – even in the rain.


spring 🐣

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This busy New York bee is always jet-setting about, but when she comes home to the Big Apple she always posts the most beautiful snaps of her city. Follow her for New York city streets, style, and sass.


🍔tag a burger lover🍔 Credit: @thehungrypetite #newforkcity

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If there’s one thing we love more than New York City, it may be food. So why should we have to choose? This account is serving up all the best dishes in this city (which, if you know New York, is A LOT) and we’re not not drooling all over our iPhone screen.

Yes, we would like fries with that.



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Daniella’s feed is giving us all the feels – something about her editing style really makes this city sparkle (not that it needed any help). Follow her for the dreamiest photos of NYC and her travels.



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This photographer has perfected the art of capturing the grit and magic of New York through a camera lens. Sam’s shots showcase NYC through all its best angles (although, in our opinion, all angles are pretty photogenic).


Happy Sunday!❤️

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There are mommy bloggers… and then there are badass mommy bloggers who are raising their 5 young kids in the most action-packed, beautifully hectic city in the world. Taza is Insta proof that you don’t have to slow down when you have a family. Her adorable little ones and colourful feed are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.


Just like Alexa, the native New Yorker behind this account, one of our main goals is to eat our way through New York City. Follow this account for the must-try places to grab a bite.


Another day, another stunning NYC photography account. We’re obsessed with this feed for its oh-so-New-York colour scheme, the way it captures the city in every season, and photographer Jeff Silberman’s’s knack for making us feel like we’re transported to the city straight through our phone screen.


Lower East Side.

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Danielle is the ultimate source of NYC fashion inspo. Whether she’s strolling the streets of SoHo or off at a dinner party (or as she calls it, DP) in the Hamptons, this fashionista knows a thing or two about the high life.


With a muted colour scheme but a vibrant presentation of her city, Alyssa is serving up Insta inspo on a silver platter. Follow her for all the cozy New York City feels.


The name says it all – this is the OG New York City account. Follow for every nook, cranny, season, neighbourhood, and view of the Big Apple. If you haven’t booked a flight yet, you’re doing it wrong!

New York is full of Instagram inspiration (and real-life inspiration too – that’s still a thing, fellow Millennials) and we would love to see your favourite NYC moments on the ‘gram.

Share your snaps with us using the hashtag #dailyhivemapped.

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