This idyllic Greek island will pay people to move there

Jul 5 2019, 12:42 am

Craving an authentic Greek salad, but can’t deal with the crowds of Mykonos? Looking to soak in an Aegean sunset, but can’t find any breathing room in Santorini? Want to shamelessly wear a toga, but can’t show your face in Corfu’s Pink Palace because of events that are NSFW?

Okay, we don’t know about the toga part (and don’t want to know), but if you’re looking for an authentic Greek experience, Antikythera Island is calling your name.

This idyllic paradise offers the off-grid Greek lifestyle that you’ve been craving — and you could even get paid to make it happen.

A one-hour plane ride from Athens, Antikythera is currently home to only 24 residents, although the number increases during the summer. The island is looking to recruit families with more than three children to relocate and live there permanently with the goal of revitalization.

According to local outlet Greek Reporter, authorities are offering to pay families a monthly amount of €500 along with free accommodation and food if they move to Antikythera.


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With rugged natural landscapes, sparkling sea water, and fascinating archeological sites, Antikythera is a perfect place to escape from the stress of the modernized world. Situated between Crete and the Peloponnese, the island is known for beautiful bird watching and spectacular stargazing.


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Antikythera has one tiny provision shop and basic food and seasonable vegetables grown on the island, so travellers are advised to stock up on necessities before arriving.

“Don’t expect cocktails, but the locally produced wine is excellent,” shares the tourism website. Hey, works for us!

Antikythera has electricity, phones, internet connection, and basic plumbing. It even has its own source of water. However, amenities may vary based on the weather and inhabitants are required to be very conscious with water consumption.


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So how will you pass the time in your new home?

The local community is looking to fill jobs as fishermen, stock-farmers, builders, or bakers — all with the aim of bringing a new and more sustainable way of living to the island.


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The revitalization of Greece is a concern across the country, as the economic crisis and high poverty rate has prompted many young working professionals to follow opportunities elsewhere. At 18%, the unemployment rate is the highest in Europe, and the death rate has surpassed the birthrate in the country. Efforts such as Antikythera’s recruitment are aiming to establish a new pulse in areas of Greece that have been left sleepy.

Looking for a new beginning? An escape from the rat race? A way to get your kids off their devices and into nature?

Antikythera could be your next move!


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