This sweet dog was found stranded 220 km away from land

Apr 17 2019, 11:37 pm

Dog lovers, prepare yourself. This one will pull on your heartstrings.

Cat lovers, please see yourselves out (kidding, kind of).

A dog was stranded 220 km (125 miles) off the coast of Songkhla in Thailand, and was at risk of going to doggy heaven when he was given a new lease on life.

The Bangkok Post reports that the dog swam towards an oil platform and hung to a pole, until a crew of oil workers came across the good boy. It is not clear how the dog got stranded, but is believed he fell off a fishing boat.

Watchdog Thailand / Facebook

The team harnessed him with a rope and pulled him to safety. The dog was shivering, exhausted, and thirsty.

The crew gave the dog water and named him Boonrod, which means “survivor.”

“Today, a vessel transporting the dog arrived onshore at around 10 am. His overall condition has improved. He is getting stronger and can smile,” said crew member Vitisak Payalaw, on April 15.

dog thailand

The crew. (Watchdog Thailand / Facebook)

Boonrod is now safe and sound and has been cared for by a local animal clinic. If no one claims ownership, Payalaw said he would adopt him.

Look how happy he is now!

dog thailand

Watchdog Thailand / Facebook

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