7 Canadian off-grid hotels to help you get away from it all

May 6 2019, 10:59 am

When was the last time you were off the grid?

Maybe it’s been a while, or maybe you haven’t experienced it at all. Perhaps that’s because it’s actually become quite difficult to disconnect from our rapidly modernizing world.

Even so, it hasn’t stopped people from living as far away from it all as possible in remote locations. In fact, Canada is home to many people and communities who opt to stay disconnected and live self-sufficiently.

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Taking part in a global trend towards going green, some have even transformed their off-grid plots into guesthouses, lodges, and resorts. The number of ecological options for travellers is ever-increasing. More restaurants, resorts, and tour companies are adopting sustainable practices and offering lower-impact services to consumers. There are even more eco-hostels popping up than ever before.

While we may not all be ready to jump into the off-grid lifestyle, that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little taste.

If it sounds like this could spark a little joy to your life, check out these great Canadian destinations.

Freedom Cove, British Columbia


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To experience a floating off-grid paradise, head to Freedom Cove. Venture a half-hour east of Tofino and you’ll find a floating home. The abode is vibrant teal and magenta after fireweed, the first flower to appear after a forest fire and a symbol of regeneration. The entire dwelling is made from reclaimed materials and features outdoor deck spaces and a glass-covered fishing hole beside the living room sofa.

Lasqueti Island, British Columbia


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Lasqueti is a small inhabited island that remains completely disconnected. It is located between Vancouver Island and the coast of British Columbia. There are only a few hundred residents on the island, which accessible by private boat or a public passenger-only ferry. Those looking to soak in peace and quiet can find rustic and charming accommodation like the historic Teapot House or Squitty Bay Bed and Breakfast.

For a truly immersive experience, consider a Workaway holiday with Lasqueti locals like Gerry Chicalo. This type of exchange allows you to stay with a local and in exchange for some honest work, you’ll get a true glimpse of off-grid living.

Blachford Lake Lodge, Yellowknife


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Yellowknife is the capital of the Northwest Territories, an area first colonized by gold prospectors in the 1930s. The lakeside shacks and dwellings they built on the edge of Slave Lake have been repurposed by a small off-grid community. The lakeside is now home to artists, musicians, and hippies as well as engineers, electricians, and lawyers.

If you’re not quite ready to move into a secluded cabin in the woods, start with a holiday at Blachford Lake Lodge. A short bush-pilot flight from Yellowknife, this lodge is entirely self-sufficient. It gets its power from solar panels, a wind turbine, a generator, and five battery sets. Blachford presents off-grid luxury at its finest. If you don’t know what that means, picture a snowmobile instead of a luggage trolley, a teepee for viewing the aurora borealis, and private amenities (hot tub, sauna, and outdoor skating rink).

Mason Cabin, Ontario


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Nestled in the rugged wilderness of the Canadian Shield, you will find an off-grid cabin named after the famous Canadian naturalist and canoeing icon Bill Mason. Dive from the swimming dock or take a canoe trip down the lake during your summer stay. In the winter, grab skis or snowshoes and take advantage of wilderness trails that snake through forest, meadow, and beaver ponds. All Mason Cabin amenities — whether the cabin heaters and the outdoor bar — run on solar power or propane.

Roofs of the World


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If you’ve never experienced treehouse living, head to Les Toits du Monde. These quirky treehouse dwellings in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains offer fresh-air comfort in a natural setting. If heights aren’t your thing, there’s also a Hobbit hole, a Mongolian yurt, and North American Tipi.

Algonquin Eco-lodge


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If you’re passing through Algonquin Park, rest your weary eyes a the Algonquin Eco-Lodge. It is ideal for those seeking “wilderness comfort for those wishing to savour the outdoors without having to rough it.” The lodge runs purely on micro-hydro electricity from their very own waterfall and won the 2012 Ontario Tourism Sustainable Tourism Award.



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For minimalist luxury design at the “end of the earth,” venture to the modern Shobac Cabins on the rugged Nova Scotia coast. Each cottage has a distinct design and is uniquely positioned to afford the best views — including one with a bathtub that looks out to sea. It is the perfect setting to write a novel or simply get away from it all.

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