A look inside Booking.com's impressive Amsterdam HQ (PHOTOS)

Nov 25 2019, 3:00 pm

Like all travellers nowadays who search for accommodations and hotels online, chances are that you’ve come across Booking.com, one of the largest travel booking companies in the world with 28 million total reported listings, and the largest supply of alternative accommodations.

Daily Hive just toured their Amsterdam HQ and learned more about their behind-the-scene processes that have made them adaptable in the current state of the travel industry.


View of the office main floor (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

Upon entering the building, which is located in the Herengracht neighbourhood, your first impression is that the space is HUGE — not to mention that there are multiple offices scattered around the city just for specific departments in Amsterdam alone.

Founded in 1996, Booking.com has really evolved from what once was a Dutch start-up into a global travel-tech giant, currently employing more than 17,000 employees in 70 countries with 198 offices.

One of many seating areas around the office (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

Booking.com prides themselves in their employee diversity. There are 140 different hired nationalities globally and approximately 50% of their employees are female.

Their Amsterdam HQ is where many of their tech-focused roles are working out of (20% of which are held by women) but many roles across the board such as marketing and public relations can also be found here.

(Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

Exploring the halls, you’ll find multiple areas within the multi-floor office dedicated to team building. Many break-out spaces are available for group huddles, open collaboration and plenty of coffee and tea.

Booking.com stresses community and teamwork, which you really get a sense of as you pass by all the ample open space and seating areas.

One of many team meeting areas (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

(Matt Lam / Daily Hive)


Data research is of huge importance to the company. This idea is reflected throughout the office as they have a team that works out of an in-house lab dedicated for user testing, insights and research.

From developing AI to machine learning, all these moving parts makes up a huge part in how the company continues to grow, adapt and stay competitive.

Research Lab (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

Moving on, Booking.com stresses that they haven’t lost their startup roots; and it’s not a startup without its perks.

From travel opportunities (duh!) to by far one of the best perks they offer, is the daily all-you-can-eat lunch canteen provided by their own in-house kitchen. There you’ll find a diverse range of cuisines and food choices prepared for their employees — even curated menus for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Freshmen 15” is definitely inevitable if you’re a newbie to the company!

Salad bar (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

One of many lunch seating areas (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)


At the HQ, you’ll find details that make it more than just your typical office. From their travel-themed spaces, office “bike lanes,” to meeting rooms named after various cities around the world, there are dozens of design aspects that make this space true to its brand story.

Office bike lane (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

Meeting rooms (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

City views (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

Roof top outlook (Matt Lam / Daily Hive)

For users of Booking.com, the future of travelling is only looking brighter. Aiming to provide the world’s “most comprehensive travel experience,” the company is continuing to develop seamless services that will help with the travel process. Booking Attractions is one of their latest products they’re pushing used for on the go, mobile-based bookings for tourist attractions.

As the travel industry shifts from hotels to alternative accommodation methods, Booking.com is continuing to grow in that space as well – currently with over 6.2 million listings in houses, apartments and other unique stays that will keep the travel experience exciting.

Ultimately, the goal is to make everything more convenient for the traveller; working towards becoming a one stop, travel shop.




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