Airbnb launches collection of bucket list-worthy adventures

Jun 13 2019, 11:41 pm

Stop all of your travel plans this summer because there’s a new and better way to plan your next vaycay.

Airbnb has just expanded its Experiences program to offer some very cool bucket list-worthy Adventures.  Want to track lions in Africa?  You can do that.  Want to camp on the side of a cliff?  Yup, that’s offered too.  Culinary kayaking in Sweden?  Yup, that too.

The new line of packages that was just launched today includes everything you’d ever need⁠—accommodation, meals, and fun activities⁠—to kick back and relax on a trip anywhere in the world.

They’re offering a whole bunch of multi-day escapades that will immerse you in the community’s culture, led by local experts, so you’ll get to see a side of the world that no other tourist has had the chance to explore.

To celebrate the launch of Airbnb Adventures, the company is offering a real-life Around the World in 80 Days experience for $5,000 per person. It includes travel across six continents, 18 countries, two oceans, five seas, and in eight different ways to travel.

It’ll be just like the story of Phileas Fogg.

Like in an actual hot air balloon.

We hope you saved up your vacation days because summer is too short for the number of amazing things you could be doing all over the world.

Here’s some of the coolest new Adventures on offer:

Track lions on foot with warriors in Nairobi, Kenya

Airbnb Adventures

This ain’t like every other lion tour.

With the guidance of local Samburu warriors and a conservationist, you can watch lions in their element and help conduct fieldwork.

You’ll be out travelling for three days learning about Samburu culture and animals native to the region. An expert will safely guide you to meet some lions and any other animals that might be on the way outside of Nairobi.

Bonus things to check off your bucket list: on the way back into the city you’ll pass Mt. Kenya and cross the Equator.

Camp on a cliff in Colorado, US

Camp on the side of a cliff/Ryan Tuttle

Take camping to the next level and do it off the side of a cliff in Estes Park, Colorado.

To get to the campsite, you’ll have to hike almost a mile uphill, prepare climbing equipment, and pull yourself up the cliff.

Once you’re settled (as much as you can be dangling from the side of a cliff), dinner will be served and you can say good night, all while your feet dangle to the views below.

Go on a Swedish islands culinary kayaking trip in Nykoping, Sweden


Airbnb Adventures

This is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

You couldn’t go on this adventure unless you had a local expert to guide you.

For four days you’ll be led to tiny barrens island, home to forests, sea meadows, bird sanctuaries, and break-taking landscapes.

You’ll gather with intimate groups around a campfire and bond over stew and food you’ve collected over the course of the trip.

Discover a new island in the Baltic Sea every day with an experience you’ve never had before.

Go on a paranormal tour of the U.S. Southwest in Las Vegas, United States

Airbnb Adventures

Do you believe in aliens? Maybe this is the trip that’ll convince you one way or another.

Road-tripping from Southern Utah to Nevada, you’ll get a full tour of ghost towns, petroglyphs, and haunted hotels; then finally, Area 51.

A UFO expert and photography expert will fill you in on all the deets you don’t know about aliens and bring you to all the picture-worthy spots.

Stay at a farm in Indiana Amish country, South Bend, United States


Airbnb Adventures

Ever wonder what it was like to live an Amish lifestyle? It’s your chance to find out.

You can experience it all from the inside. Stay with a family in rural Indiana who is a part of the Amish and Mennonite community.

You’ll build projects on the farm and the family will teach you the skills, traditions, and recipes that they’ve learned from the generations before them.

The last day will be one to remember, along with your hosts, you’ll help to prepare a huge supper with fresh farm produce.

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