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TOKEiT helps you find and order from the closest cannabis dispensaries

Apr 17 2017, 10:11 pm

Imagine being able to access the closest cannabis dispensaries just by swiping your finger across your smartphone’s screen.

TOKEiT, an app developed by a Vancouver startup, creates safe and convenient access to medicinal cannabis by locating local dispensaries. The app also creates ease of access for all patients while saving them time by allowing them to skip the line, providing a rewards system, alerts for “favourite” strains right as they arrive in-store, along with member exclusive promotions and access to an inclusive community.

What’s also cool about TOKEiT is that it aims to change the stigma associated with medical cannabis by providing an open door to any and all questions.

Vendors will notice five features that allow them to manage various matters related to medicinal cannabis: point of sale, patient database, inventory management, reports management, staff log.

The tech aims to be synonymous with patient experience and quality in the ever growing medical cannabis industry. Its makers are working with countless dispensaries to put the best quality products in one place.

Ordering from a TOKEiT Verified dispensary ensures quality, security, stability and an exceptional experience for the TOKEiT customer.

How to download TOKEiT beta for iPhone

1. Download the app
2. Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > TOKEiT Technologies LTD and “Trust” the Enterprise App

Stay in the know about TOKEiT via Instagram.

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