Stoners’ Tools Gift Guide 2018: Glass and Paper

Dec 19 2018, 1:38 am

Buying a gift for a someone who loves weed should be easy, but it’s trickier than you might think.

Sure, you can go with the obvious stoner tools — rolling papers, grinders, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, books about glass and making edibles — but the weed-centric lifestyle is brimming with eclectic designs, innovative technology, the traditional throwback, and the pop-culture influenced.

So, before you get lost in the expansive world of weed, browse the best weed gifts to roll fresh, dab deep, and burn one with style with Weedmaps’ curated selection of design-forward glass and ceramic pieces, high-tech vaporizers, indulgent rolling papers and more — all available to order just in time for the holidays.

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Rolling Papers, Grinders, and Storage


Luxe Custom Printed Papers

Need a gift for a ganjapreneur in need of game-changing marketing collateral, or an artist looking to take their designs to the next level? These custom rolling papers from Luxe are the perfect gift for the creative stoner who thinks outside the box. Let them roll up using papers with custom designs.

Price: 100 sheets for $449.99

High Hemp Organic Wraps

Buying for someone who loves to smoke as responsibility as possible? They’ll love rolling herb inside of more herb. That’s 100 percent organic, GMO-free hemp imported from the Netherlands kind of herb, to be exact. High Hemp wraps allow blunt-lovers to enjoy the slow, smooth burn of a blunt tobacco-free with a low dose of cannabidiol (CBD).

Price: Seven pouches for $34.99, each pouch comes with two wraps.

Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack

Got a No. 1 who was born to flex? We all do. So stunt on them all with Shine papers and show your ride-or-die how down you are with a 24 karat gold joint. Just make sure whatever you pack inside is worthy of the edible gold you’re about to smoke.

Price: $45 for six-pack sheet

RAW Donuts Tray Bundle

At some point in every stoner’s career, the glass pipe and Bic lighter stop cutting it, and a level-up is in order. Upgrade a stoner’s arsenal of tools with 20 Stage Rawket Launcher (20 pre-roll cones in seven different sizes), a cone loader, a clipper lighter, and hemp wick. Top it all off with a drool-worthy donut rolling tray.

Price: $55

HempBees 420-foot Hemp Wick Spool

If your buddy is the bee’s knees, then they need a spool of HempBees hemp wick. An excellent gift for the health-conscious smoker who likes to smoke flower still, the HempBees can keep bowls and joints lit for the foreseeable future — or however long it takes to burn through 420 feet of slow-burning hemp fiber coated in golden beeswax.

Price: $12.99

Stick Lighters

For those that love the seamless metal look of a Zippo, but need the functionality to light awkwardly angled bowls and pipes, Glassy’s Stick Lighter is perfect for you. Available in rose gold, gold, black nickel, and nickel, these lighters bring traditional class into the modern era.

Price: $28

R Series Mega Torch

The R Series Mega Torch is more like a miniature flamethrower than a torch. With a ten-port fuel system and grade-A ceramic barrel for controlled heat dispersion and soft flame activation that can produce a 9-inch flame at 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, gone are the days of sputtering torches and cold dabs.

Price: $49.99

Santa Cruz Shredders – 3 Piece Shredders

Santa Cruz Shredder makes the perfect grinder for the guitar hero or skate god on your list. These durable grinders are made out of medical-grade anodized aluminum and have a textured grip to make breaking nugs easy. We love these grinders for the fact that the chamber is edge-free with smooth contours that allow you to easily remove the ground-up weed without picking at it with your fingers for an eternity.

Price: $49.95 – $74.50

Lifeline – Stash Box Combo


We all have friends and loved ones that have to sesh in secret — throw ’em a lifeline with a stylish stash box. Lifeline’s Stash Box Combo comes with a four-part grinder, kief scooper, rolling tray, and a UV-protected stash jar with an odor proof seal that keeps buds fresh for months.

Price: $49.99

Pipes, Bongs, Rigs and Bubblers

6-inch Grav Sherlock

Grav’s Sherlock pipe may look typical, but the devil is in the details. The inverted mouthpiece catches any ash that falls through the bowl, ensuring a Scooby Snack-free smoke. Plus, the weight and durability make the Sherlock pipe ideal for everyday toking.

Price: $19.99

Top Secret Stealth

Genius designed a smoking device that Steve Jobs would have been proud of. The Top Secret Stealth is sleek, modern and makes the perfect gift for your bud who is on that industrial, futuristic level. The patented dimple design makes millions of micro vortices with each inhale that filters and cools the smoke while bringing out the flower’s terpenes and flavonoids.

Price: $99.95

Glassy Can Pipe

Glassy keeps it real.

Price: $60

Triumphant Moments

The Triumphant Moments collection is for the ass-kicking champions on your holiday list. Miwak Junior created a lower-cost, high-fashion series of pipes through crafty sourcing and glossing techniques. Available in three classy hues — Guanguali (deep forest green), La Fonda (coffee), and Trevi (cream) — but the last is only available for pre-order.

Price: $65

Trailer Park Boys Glass Bubbles

This is a bong with Bubbles’ face on it. Enough said.

Price: $113.88

Heir Waterpipe

Heir Waterpipe’s sleekly-designed bong makes cold-filtered toking intuitive and easy to clean.

Price: $260

4-inch Grav Hammer Bubbler

Sometimes you have to drop the hammer on them — Grav’s Hammer Bubbler is the ideal gift for such occasions. With approximately a half inch of water, the smoke filters through the downstem and bubbles up to the surface to make the ideal smoke sesh.

Price: $47.99

Royale Mini Rig

We all know that on-the-go dabber who is ready for a dab at the drop of a hat — and Royale Mini Rig will make for the perfect gift. The Royale gives you all the percolation power of MJ Arsenal’s classic design in a miniature, travel-ready size.

Price: $49

Chongo Marble

Summerland’s Chongo Marble fuses simplicity with elegance on this breathtaking spin on the classic bong. Its form brims with familiarity while the marble finish makes this piece a real work of art, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Price: $250

Original Maple Launch Box Kit

This toke-in-a-box only needs some finely ground bud to get going. We especially love how Magic Flight flexes confidence and customer care; each device includes a lifetime warranty.

Price: $119

Cloud Pen Paragon

There are several heavenly features to this Cloud Pen creation, chiefly the super-long battery life. A fully charged Paragon yields eight hours of vaporization.

Price: $79.99

PuffCo Peak

You know you’ve been good when Santa gets you a Puffco for the Holidays. The Peak blends maximum convenience and usability with design-focused sophistication. Our favourite part is the ability to control heat settings and temperature calibration, two features that ensure perfectly heated dabs.

Price: $379.99

Pax III (Bonus Set)

Pax has been going hard in the vaporizer game for a minute, and we’re here to say the third time’s really the charm. Pax 3 is dual-use, with the capacity to vaporize flower and concentrates. Best of all, Pax 3’s Bluetooth enablement allows users to save specific settings to get the perfect sesh via the Pax mobile app.

Price: $249.99

Books + Magazines
This is a Pipe: The Evolution of the Glass Pipe and Its Artists

This one is perfect for the heady glass lovers. “This is a Pipe” chronicles the history of smokable glass and the artists who made them. Read interviews from the pioneers who began it all and take a peek into their journey.

Price: $85

How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High

Whether you’re gifting to a new or longtime smoker, David Bienenstock’s “highbrow” guide to getting high will tell them everything they need to know from the history of cannabis to how to roll a joint in the wind.

Price: $13.60

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed

That foodie-friend that always gets high and hits up food trucks will adore “Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed.” If you watched Viceland’s “Bong Appetit” with longing envy, now is your chance to bring the weed-infused dinner party to your friend’s house by gifting it to them.

Price: $30

Broccoli, A Magazine for Cannabis Lovers

Your girls at Broccoli deliver the absolute best of all that falls within the intersection of marijuana and femininity. After publishing four issues in a little over a year, you can expect dope profiles on women in weed and a slew of eclectic writing about cannabis culture in every single issue. Broccoli releases issues in April, August, and November.

Price: $8.99

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