Stolbie Sisters partnering with Daily Hive to take cannabis education higher

Aug 31 2020, 9:00 am

Cannabis entrepreneurs and educators the Stolbie Sisters are bringing their unique brand of cannabis education to Daily Hive’s Grow, spreading the good word about Canada’s budding industry along with some knowledge.

Tamu and Zia Stolbie have taken their experience in marketing, film and, of course, cannabis, to create two series to keep new and old tokers entertained, enlightened, and well-fed.

“For us, it’s been about educating people, especially if they are not from the cannabis space,” Zia told Grow. “We’re also reaching [out] to people within that world too, on all of the product possibilities.”

The pair is focused on the bridging of the two sides of the canna-business, the unregulated legacy market with the controlled legal market.

“We kind of sit right in the middle between [the] knowledge and experience side,” she added.


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In that vein, they created two web series that aim to elevate the conversation around cannabis products, food, culture, and everything in between.

Smart Stoner

For the uninitiated, this is the best place to start.

Curious about microdosing? Want to know the difference between CBD and all the different types of THC? Well, the Stolbies have you covered.

“For a lot of people, unless you’re just purchasing a pre-roll, there’s a lot to it because it’s not just buying the cannabis and then using it,” Tamu said. “There are ancillary devices. There are all kinds of ways to use those products. It’s a little bit of a learning curve for people.”

This series answers the burning questions that people new or just looking deeper into cannabis may have, and offers news they can use. Start with the basics, and as the series goes on, it matches the pace of the viewer, offering more informative and nuanced information to make smart purchases.


CannaDished is for those looking to take a bite out of something with more than just flavour.

Among many other things, the Stolbie Sisters are organizers of high-end cannabis dining experiences, and they’ve rounded up a few friends to share some of those experiences with simple and fun videos on how to make some highly delicious creations.

Whether you’re looking to make a cannabis tincture, infuse an ice cream sandwich, or make some very special butter, this series will help you get familiar with cooking cannabis in the kitchen.


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So each week, head over to the Grow Canada Instagram page to learn how to make, create, and just appreciate your cannabis a little bit more with the Stolbie Sisters.

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