5 places to get (legal) pot delivery and curbside pickup in Vancouver

May 8 2020, 9:48 pm

Cannabis has been declared an essential service in BC, but that doesn’t mean you want to hang around the store.

While the close socialization with your fellow red-eyed miscreants was once a big part of the cannabis experience, if you’re looking to pick up and dip, or even have your product delivered, we’ve got the places to check out in the lower mainland.


BC Cannabis Stores

BC Cannabis Stores

There is sadly but one legal delivery service in all the land here, and that’s BC Cannabis. It relies on the good old federal postal service, so make sure to order well in advance when it comes to shoring up your supplies. In response to the virus, BCCS has dropped its shipping cost from $8 to $6.

Curbside pickup

Evergreen Cannabis


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Located at 2868 West 4th Avenue, Evergreen has halted all in-store sales, but has committed to remain open as long as permitted for the duration of the pandemic. Check out their website for a look at the menu and call 604-900-1714 or email an order to [email protected] They’ll let you know when it’s ready.




This cross-country chain has five stores in British Columbia, and four of them call Vancouver home. Find the one closest to you on their webpage and order what you need. It’ll be ready for pickup after a quick wait in a physical distanced line.

Muse Cannabis Store


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Muse Cannabis offers pickup services from its locations in Vancouver. Their website is user friendly and the selection is broad enough to meet most people’s needs. Just place the order on the website and wait for your confirmation.

AR Cannabis


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AR Cannabis is happy to have you order ahead of time to limit your contact with other shoppers. Head to their website and pick what you need before rolling in. With two stores, one at 1290 E 12th and the other at 225 SE Marine Drive, they might not be too far from you.

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