Physicians remain polarized on recreational cannabis (INFOGRAPHIC)

Aug 20 2018, 4:47 pm

According to a recent survey by MD Analytics, a health and pharmaceutical marketing research group, 32% of 235 doctors surveyed said they support the legalization of cannabis.

Of the 47% of General Practitioners (GP) who oppose legalization, dependence and misuse of cannabis, effects on the brain, and psychotic symptoms were listed as the top concerns.

Supporting GPs anticipate up to a 60% decline in patient visits related to prescriptions for conditions such as anxiety and severe stress (60%), chronic pain (54%), and insomnia (41%).

Conversely, 57% of opposing GPs do not anticipate any decline in prescriptions sought for any condition.

Despite polarized attitudes, more than half of all GPs surveyed were unsure or neutral about recreational versus medical cannabis in terms of out of pocket costs, efficacy, quality, and safety.

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MD Analytics

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