4.6 million Canadians report consuming cannabis in past 3 months (SURVEY)

Oct 11 2018, 4:18 pm

According to Health Canada’s third-quarter National Cannabis Survey, 15% of Canadians aged 15 and older reported consuming cannabis in the past three months – that’s 4.6 million people.

This number has remained consistent with first and second quarter reports.

Cannabis by province

The national average of cannabis consumers was reported at 15%, with Nova Scotians having the highest rates of consumption at 23% and BC following in close second at 20%.

Quebec had the lowest rate of reported use at 10%. The province will also host some of Canada’s strictest cannabis laws come October 17.

Frequency of consumption

While 85% of Canadians reported no cannabis consumption in the past three months, 6% consumed daily or almost daily, and 5% consumed once or twice.

Males were almost twice as likely as females to report daily consumption (7% versus 4%).

Spending habits

Not surprisingly, 67% of individuals who consumed cannabis once or twice did not spend any money on the plant.

36% of weekly or monthly consumers spent anywhere from $1 (on what?) to $100 on cannabis, and 54% of daily or almost daily consumers spent over $250.

Of the over $250 spenders, 14% spent up to $500, 7% spent up to $1000, and 3% spent over $1000 on cannabis.

Cannabis and driving

Approximately one in seven cannabis consumers with a driver’s license reported driving within two hours of consumption, based on aggregated data from the past nine months.

Males were twice as likely as women to drive within two hours of consumption, but there was no significant difference between age groups or variance across the country.

1.5 million Canadians (5%) aged 15 years and older reported being passengers in vehicles operated by drivers who had consumed cannabis within the previous two hours – the same number reported in the previous quarter. 

Young adults aged 15-24 were more likely to be passengers (16%) than people 25 years and older (4%). The statistics did not differ by gender.

While it is never a good idea to drive under the influence, it is important to note that consumption of cannabis doesn’t necessarily equate impairment.


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