How to plan a super chill Father's Day

Jun 15 2018, 9:56 pm

It’s Father’s Day today! Did you totally space on that? No worries—Daily Hive has got you covered with ideas for a chill 420-friendly pseudo-holiday with the dad or dad-like person in your life.

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Wake and bake

What better way to start the day than breakfast in bed? Since the worst part of the day is inarguably the part where you have to thrust body weight into an upright position and haul yourself out of the warm,  comfortable nest that is bed. Spare your beloved dad this undeserved misery by bringing him a nice cup of tea and some fresh herbs, followed by pancakes on a fancy tray (be sure to add a vase and napkin to acknowledge the importance of the occasion).

If cooking’s not your thing, go for a peaceful stroll through a scenic area to the closest all-day breakfast joint. Wear comfy shoes and don’t forget to pre-roll where appropriate!

Enjoy the great outdoors 

Go outside! Nature is everywhere, even in the middle of the urban jungle. Drive into the country and go for a hike in the woods or a walk along the beach, or stay in the city and watch the complex social interactions of pigeons (who can recognize human faces, FYI, so don’t be a dick to them). Get some Vitamin D and explore the great outdoors with your dad—and again, pre-rolling will make your life a lot simpler in this situation.

Mini golf

Mini golf is the greatest when you’re stoned, and people who say it’s only for children are dead inside. It requires little focus, is in a whimsically decorated environment, and nobody gives a shit about keeping score. Mini golf places also have the best snacks. Get mellow with your dad and head to the nearest course – there’s no way you won’t have fun, and at worst you’ll get some funnel cake and enjoy some colourful surroundings.

Chill in comfortable silence

The pressure to “do something” on Father’s Day can be overwhelming, but sometimes you don’t have the kind of dad who wants to, like, do stuff. Why force him to suffer good-naturedly through some kind of celebratory activity when you guys can just chill? Make sure his favourite beverage is on hand, set up some comfortable seating, put on some good tunes, and just kick it. No-pressure holidays are the best holidays.

Happy Father’s Day!

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