5 ways to celebrate an epic August long weekend

Aug 2 2018, 8:04 pm

Everyone loves a long weekend.

1. Take a hike

Canada is home to some amazing trails – go find one! Be sure to have all the essentials with you like water, a snack, sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, and sturdy shoes. Depending on the distance and difficulty and distance of your hike you want to consider a trail map (many are downloadable on your phone), GPS, a bear bell/spray, and a change of clothes.

If you plan on evoking the green goddess on your hike, opt for something non-combustible. You don’t want to burn trees while burning trees. And be sure to consume responsibly. You don’t want to have a bad trip in the woods.

2. Eat all the food

An extra day off means a whole 24 hours available for gorging. Spend the weekend scouting out your neighbourhood’s hidden gems, head across town to try new cuisine, or get crafty in the kitchen by concocting your own munchies.

3. Get outta town

Long weekend’s give you that crucial extra day to make getting out of town more worthwhile. Grab some friends or go on a solo adventure to really disconnect and reset. If you can unplug yourself from your electronics for the weekend, all the better. A weekend get away can be cheap and cheerful or a luxury indulgence. Know your budget and plan within it. To maximize your weekend fun, choose a destination that is within a three-year travel distance. And if you plan on crossing the border, be sure to leave your green goodies at home.

4. Plan a staycation

If heading out of town isn’t an option, treat yourself with a staycation. Play tourist in your city by hopping on public transit and taking it to a new area. Museums and attractions tend to be overflowing with people and ill-behaved children, so stick to smaller art galleries, alternative theatres, or a simple stroll through a vibrant neighbourhood or park.

5. Work on your hobby

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and realistically you won’t perfect something over a long weekend. However, that extra day gives you free time you don’t usually have. Plan your chores and errands for Saturday and reward yourself with at least one day devoted to harnessing a skill. The better you get, the more likely you’ll start making time for it in your regular routine (and yes, rolling the perfect cone is considered a skill).

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