Opinion: Why I've included cannabis in my 2018 wellness routine

Mar 12 2018, 5:45 pm

Like many of us, I’ve set some goals to achieve this year: improve my writing, be more conscious, get organized, exercise more – or just at all, drink less alcohol and coffee, and pick up a creative hobby.

All successful New Year’s resolutions come with a plan, or so I’m told, so I started by writing out a shopping list. This year I added something entirely unexpected: cannabis, more specifically, CBD.

If you haven’t been following the cannabis conversation, in a nutshell CBD is just one of the many compounds found in cannabis. It is generally non-psychoactive and is rumoured to have many potential health benefits. While I’m still new to the word of cannabis for wellness, it’s hard to ignore the hype around CBD, so last year I decided to experiment with CBD isolates, and products containing high ratios of CBD to THC. The three main types of products I used included oils, edibles, and topicals.

What appeals to me most are the proposed effects it had on reducing anxiety and assisting in relieving pain and inflammation. Having completed a degree in nutrition, I consider myself to be a health-conscious consumer. I frequently experiment with new health promotion practices and trending superfoods, and cannabis had just caught the world’s attention. I figured why not enjoy the science behind the cannabis? I honestly didn’t expect it to have such a large impact on my regular wellness routine.

So why should cannabis be added amongst the broccoli and green tea?

CBD has helped me start my day clear and finish my day relaxed

I started by microdosing CBD gummies as it is a convenient method of consumption that allows me to easily measure my dosage. I usually have a low dose of 5 mg – half a gummy – which works well for me.

Like all new dietary changes it took me a while to associate the feelings that I was having to CBD, but once I confirmed the consistent relationship between eating the gummy and my increased productivity at work, I was sold.

CBD helps me ease into my work day, instead of waking up to a flood of thoughts and anxiety surrounding an overwhelming to-do list, I am clear and confident in the tasks at hand. On top of this, having a more relaxed morning has helped my creative process throughout the day. Nothing kills creativity like stress and anxiety.

I can say no to coffee… AND wine

By not burning out my adrenal glands with stress during the day I am less likely to feel exhausted and therefore crave the afternoon kicker of a coffee or yearn for the comfort of a wine after a day’s work.

Goodbye menstrual symptoms

For my last four cycles, I’ve experimented with CBD by rubbing topical balms on my belly and chewing CBD gummies, which helped to relax my tense muscles and relieve both cramping and bloating. For me, it’s a better solution than panadol and a heat pack as I’ll always gravitate towards natural alternatives that work.

It’s a great addition to my beauty routine

I’m far too familiar with dry skin, and in winter I turn into a crocodile. As I dove head first into the world of cannabis for wellness I figured I might as well give CBD-infused facial oil a go. There are so many great beauty products on the market, packed full of amazing ingredients, but I found the addition of CBD really accelerated returning my skin to that of a youthful human.

I’m still working on breaking my association of cannabis with getting ‘high.’ Sometimes I find myself questioning whether I am substituting one vice with another. But 2018 is the year of kicking all my bad habits to the curb, and holding on to the stigmas of the past is high on that priority list.

Cannabis is not a quick fix solution for every ailment or stress my busy life affords, and it’s not a miracle umbrella to be relied upon to achieve every one of my goals. However, it has become clear to me that coupled with complementary and holistic lifestyle changes, this plant could be a catalyst for transforming short-lived goals into positive long-term habitual behaviours.

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