Health Canada just explained cannabis growing in the most Canadian way possible

Mar 19 2018, 11:23 pm

Health Canada explained how it will classify cannabis cultivating sizing in the legal business in a way every Canadian will understand.

The federal government will propose that the final cannabis regulations define licensees with a growing area of no more than 200 square metres (approximately 2,150 square feet) as micro-cultivators.

Last November, the federal government released a consultation paper seeking public feedback on the proposed regulations for the legal cannabis industry.

On Monday, a report called “Summary of Comments Received During the Public Consultation” was released with the public input.

One of the topics from the report was how to differentiate micro-cultivators licensees from bigger growers, to facilitate the participation of small producers in the legal market.

“Establishing a threshold that is too low could jeopardize the sustainability of such businesses, making such ventures uneconomical and potentially create an incentive to produce cannabis outside of the regulated framework,” states Health Canada.

The feedback from the public provided a broad range of opinions about the size of growing areas for micro-cultivators. Respondents said that anything between nine square metres (100 square feet) to 1,858 square metres (20,000 square feet) should be considered micro-cultivators.

The broad range of opinions made Health Canada decide a number using both the feedback from the consultation paper, and the experience from the US states that established similar categories.

cultivating sizing

Explaining cultivating sizing for Canadians / Health Canada

Since 200 square metres is hard to visualize, Health Canada made our lives easy and showed it in comparison to a standard North American sized (NHL) hockey rink.

If you are seeking a cultivating license in Canada, now you know what to expect.

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