1 in 4 renters think Canadians should be able to smoke and grow at home

Sep 4 2018, 7:03 pm

The federal legalization of cannabis is fast approaching, but provincial and municipal regulations limit Canadians’ ability to legally consume or cultivate cannabis.

The Cannabis Act permits households to grow up to four cannabis plants, but Quebec, Manitoba, and Nunavut have all banned home growing.

Furthermore, condo boards and landlords are rushing to ban consumption and cultivation in their units, even in provinces where it will be legal.

Ratehub.ca recently polled 1200 Canadians across the country to find out how they feel and what they know about the impact of legalization on their home life.

Renters rights

Just over one in four renters (28%) said that Canadians should have the right to smoke and grow within their rental units.

This belief was held regardless of whether the acts are prohibited by landlords or building management.

38% said they do not know whether they would automatically have the right to smoke with their unit even if its banned by their landlord/property manager, and 58% do not know whether they will have they will automatically be able to grow cannabis after legalization.

72% of renters said they do not plan to grow recreational cannabis within their unit, 13% said they will grow, and 15% were undecided.

Restrictive landlords

62% of landlords surveyed said they don’t feel renters should be allowed to smoke in their units, and 58% don’t feel that renters should be allowed to grow cannabis.

Landlords surveyed said they plan to put restrictions on smoking cannabis in units (59%) as well as home growing (51%).


The majority of renters surveyed (59%) were unsure whether their renter’s insurance would cover damages related to growing cannabis, and 32% said they don’t believe their policy would provide coverage.

57% of landlords said they don’t know if their insurance policy would cover a renter’s damage to a unit related to growing cannabis, and 28% said they don’t believe their policy provides coverage.


80% of homeowners surveyed said they have no plans to grow recreational cannabis after legalization, and 12% said they were undecided.

79% of homeowners did not know if their home insurance policy would cover damages related to growing cannabis, and 20% believed their policy would not provide coverage.

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