There's an 8,000-sq-ft cannabis lounge coming to Toronto this winter

Aug 9 2019, 1:53 pm

Toronto is about to get a new hub for cannabis culture.

Announced on Friday, the building at 850 Adelaide St. W. will be transformed over the coming months into an educational, retail “cannabis-centric” lounge called byMinistry.

Opening in Winter 2019, the 8,000-sq-ft space will focus on the coming edible market, offering classes and serving plant-forward food, drinks, and products to both cannabis newcomers and seasoned users alike.

A representative for the space says that the ultimate goal is to help normalize cannabis, while providing a stylized and interesting place for people to enjoy products — like infused foods — that will keep in line with evolving regulations.

The building’s exterior was painted by muralist and artist Ben Johnson, who just finished his work as Thursday’s rain began. The representative confirmed to Grow that the work was unsullied by the less than ideal weather.

byMinistry will be run by CEO Shauna Levy, a design specialist who is coming to the company after leading the arts hub, Design Exchange for seven years.

‘At byMinistry our core beliefs lie within the positive and reciprocal relationship between plant-forward living and higher forms of design, creativity and innovation. They can lift each other up in ways we have yet to imagine,” said Levy in a press release.”byMinistry will be a sophisticated space where advocates and supporters of cannabis normalization and leading a plant-based lifestyle can cohabit seamlessly with the culinary, design, arts and wellness worlds.”

The business is under parent company MoCanna — short for Museum of Cannabis — an organization founded by Lorne Gertner. Gertner is a prominent investor in Canada’s cannabis space, and a co-founder of Tokyo Smoke with his son Alan.

“byMinistry is in the business of cannabis post-normalization. In the not too distant future, cannabis will be integrated into everyday life, from food and drink to health and wellness to arts and culture,” said Gertner in the release. “We are creating a welcoming and refined environment that shares an elevated, positive experience where cannabis is normalized.”

The Toronto location is also said to be the first of multiple properties planned to open across North America over the next five years.

“850 Adelaide is the perfect home for our flagship byMinistry location. Toronto is a dynamic forward-looking city with ingrained support for both a cannabis lifestyle, as well as the design, innovation and creative communities,” added Gertner.

Adding “byMinistry is designed for the open-minded, who want to engage in a refined and normalized existence with cannabis. We are committed to bringing an elevated culture-focused environment that shifts perceptions, removes taboo, and uplifts the culture.”

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