Alberta cannabis framework calls for min age of 18, 30 gram max to carry

Oct 5 2017, 3:40 am

It’s actually happening.

In the lead-up to the federal government’s expected legalization of marijuana in Canada, the province of Alberta has released its proposed framework for regulating the drug.

Some of the main points of the framework include a minimum age of purchase or use at 18 years old; a public possession limit of no more than 30 grams; a limit of four home-grown cannabis plants at one metre tall; and restrictions on weed being sold alongside alcohol, tobacco, and other pharmaceuticals.

The framework is meant to follow four main policies, according to a release from the Alberta Government:

“Keeping cannabis out of the hands of children, promoting public safety on roads, in workplaces and in public spaces, protecting public health, and limiting the illicit market.”

These cannabis guidelines come after the input of over 45,000 Albertans responding to the government’s online survey throughout the summer, along with feedback from over 100 groups that may be affected by the legalization.

The City of Calgary responded to the framework in a release, saying that they will be gathering information on Calgarians’ views of the proposed guidelines.

“The City has an important role to play in implementing the legalized sale and use of recreational cannabis in Calgary while upholding federal and provincial legislation,” said Matt Zabloski, project lead for preparing The City’s regulations for the legalization of recreational cannabis, in a release.

“With the framework in hand, The City will be engaging with the provincial government in the coming weeks to further clarify the municipal role in legalization.”

Here is the full list of details in the draft framework:

  • A minimum age of 18 to purchase and consume cannabis.
  • Provincial oversight and regulation of wholesaling and distribution of cannabis products through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC).
  • A public possession limit for adults of 30 grams.
  • The ability to grow up to four cannabis plants, no taller than one metre, at home for personal use.
  • Restrictions on retail locations selling alcohol, tobacco or pharmaceuticals together with cannabis.
  • Strict rules around zoning retail locations and training for employees.
  • Provincewide restrictions on where cannabis can be used in public, with an emphasis on protecting children and limiting second-hand exposure.
  • Ability for municipalities to introduce additional restrictions on public consumption.
  • New tools to expand the ability of police to address drug-impaired driving.
  • Development of an extensive public education program.

Marijuana is expected to be legalized at the federal level by July, 2018.

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