You won't be able to drive to an iconic lake in Alberta's Rockies this summer

Jan 6 2023, 11:10 pm

A crown jewel of the Alberta Rockies will just be a little bit harder to get to this summer, with the road being closed to all personal vehicles.

According to the Parks Canada website, it has added a blurp stating, “New in 2023- Moraine Lake Road is closed to personal vehicles.”

The site says, “Moraine Lake Road is closed to personal vehicles year-round. Parks Canada shuttles, Roam Public Transit, and commercial buses are permitted from June to mid-October.”

The road is bustling during peak tourism months, allowing visitors breathtaking views of Moraine Lake.


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“Parking at the Lake Louise Lakeshore is extremely limited, and finding a parking spot is challenging throughout the summer months. You cannot take your personal vehicle to Moraine Lake,” the website added, stressing the fact the road will not be open to personal vehicles to drive on this summer.

Parks Canada says the only vehicles permitted on Moraine Lake Road in 2023 are Parks Canada shuttles, Roam Transit, and commercial buses. Buses are defined as “commercially registered vehicles that transport 11 or more people, have a business license with Banff National Park, and have a commercial park entry pass.” Visitors with a disabled parking hang tag will also be permitted.

Climbers and mountaineers travelling by personal vehicle are unable to drive to Moraine Lake and will need to take the Parks Canada shuttle or a commercial transportation operator. Mountaineers staying at the Neil Colgan hut or who have obtained bivy permits will be provided with a shuttle ticket as part of their reservation.

Climbers who need access outside the hours when Parks Canada shuttles are running will need to arrange private transportation.

The full information on parking in the Lake Louise area can be found here.

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