Jessi Cruickshank: Up Close and Too Personal


You’ve seen Jessi on television (The AfterShow, eTalk, The Goods) online (New Mom, Who Dis?) but you’ve NEVER seen Jessi like this. LIVE, CHILDLESS and TELLING ALL. Get ready to laugh, cry and laugh until you cry as Jessi shares everything she can’t say on television, in an intimate night out with YOU. Shocking behind-the-scenes stories about celebrities, hilarious insights on motherhood, real-life reflections on success PLUS prizes! games! half-naked men! Need we say more? Hire a babysitter, grab your best friends and spend a night out with Jessi (please, she doesn’t get out much, so you KNOW this is gonna be GOOD!)

Wed, September 16 2020, 8:00pm
Myer Horowitz Theatre