We compared staple items at Edmonton grocery stores for the best prices

Mar 21 2023, 10:42 pm

With soaring food prices, you’re probably looking for ways to save as much as possible on your weekly groceries.

However, depending on your go-to supermarket, you may be having a hard time doing that.

It seems like no matter where you go these days, everybody is talking about the prices at the grocery store. Between obvious signs of shrinkflation and exorbitant prices on poultry, it feels like we can’t win.

Grocery giant Loblaw has been slammed lately for its skyrocketing prices, including a pack of just five pieces of chicken breast for almost $40, and ending its prize freeze on all No Name products.

Earlier this month, Canadians’ outrage against the company was renewed after Loblaw Companies Limited president Galen Weston Jr. defended high food prices during a parliamentary hearing.

To save you a couple of bucks, we decided to take a look at some grocery staples and compare prices between some of the major grocery chains in Edmonton. Here’s what we found:

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a staple in many households (gotta have those PB&Js), so let’s compare the price of a jar in different stores.

We can see below that the most expensive jar of Kraft’s smooth peanut butter is at Save-On-Foods ($7.29), and the cheapest can be found at either Superstore or Walmart (both $6.77).


Milk is always a handy ingredient to have at home. The lowest milk price can be found at Walmart ($4.48), while the most expensive is at Save-On-Foods ($4.69), a little more than 20 cents difference.


We thought we’d take a look at the price of everyone’s favourite breakfast ingredient. A dozen eggs will cost you the same Safeway, Superstore, and Save-On-Foods ($3.99). Walmart is 11 cents cheaper than the rest, at $3.88 per dozen.

Chicken breast

Of course, we had to look at the price of chicken breast. For this product, we compared different brands of three-pack chicken breasts from different stores.

As you can see below, Walmart wins again with the least expensive chicken breast ($10.48), or about $3.49 per piece. Save-On-Foods and Safeway price their chicken by weight, but if the average weight of a chicken breast is 174 grams, that would be more than $4.20 per piece.


Rounding out this grocery trip with some fruits, we compared the price of a pound of strawberries across grocery stores.

Save-On-Foods and Safeway topped the list for priciest strawberries by the pound at $6.99, although Save-On-Foods has them on sale this week. Unsurprisingly, Walmart was the cheapest for $5.97.

While Walmart is clearly the winner of this comparison, it still pays to do a quick search of prices to help you save every penny during times of food inflation.

With files from Isabelle Docto

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