Garlic and Greens in Edmonton closed by Alberta Health Services

Sep 23 2022, 4:07 pm

Garlic and Greens was recently closed after an executive officer of Alberta Health Services (AHS) inspected the establishment.

The inspector found more than 10 violations at Garlic and Greens — located at 5611 23rd Avenue NW in Edmonton — that could be injurious or dangerous to public health.

“Rodent feces and urine were noted in various areas,” reads the written order from the AHS.

“Including in the dining room, dough mixing area, onion storage area and under shelving units in [the] kitchen,” the order continued.

Loose rodent bait pellets have been sprinkled around the dining room and dry storage areas where they may be accessed by the public or contaminate food, the order stated.

This closure order from the AHS was dated on September 19, with a verbal order given on September 16.

There were many other instances of unhealthy conditions found by the inspector including “the hand sink near the dishwashing area did not have a supply of hot water.”

“Improper manual dishwashing was observed. Dishes were being rinsed only with water and then returned to storage areas,” said the AHS order.

The report also said that the dishwasher did not have detergent and sanitizer supplied to the cycle.

“Operators were not monitoring the sanitizing step of dishwashing.”

Before the restaurant can reopen, the owner will have to undertake and diligently pursue the completion of several work-related changes, like ensuring the facility is free of pest infestations.

There were also several safety and cleanliness changes to be made before reopening, like repairing the hand sink and ensuring an adequate supply of hot and cold running water is available for hand washing.

The current status of the order on the AHS website is active, meaning it is “currently in effect and the requirements must be followed before it can reopen.”

Dished has reached out to ownership for comment.

Garlic and Greens

Address: 5611 23rd Avenue NW, Edmonton

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