Edmonton forecast calls for six straight days of sunshine

Jan 6 2021, 12:56 am

2021 is off to a shining start in Edmonton.

Environmental Canada is forecasting sunshine to continue every day until at least early next week.

Wednesday has a high of 6°C with a mix of sun and clouds, turning into clear skies in the afternoon. The temperatures will drop quickly at night to -9°C with wind chill.

Although Thursday will feel slightly cooler at 2°C, you can still expect a clear and sunny day. Temperates will drop to -6°C overnight.

Friday is still slightly above freezing at 1°C with another day of sunny skies and no clouds. It’s the warmest night of the week with a low of -5°C.

Heading into the weekend, Saturday and Sunday are looking very similar. Saturday has a daily high of 2°C and a nightly low of -13°C, while Sunday’s high is 0°C throughout the day with a nightly drop to -9°C. Still expect and look forward to clear and sunny skies both days.

The week after looks like it may warm up a bit with an expected high Monday of 4°C and the sunny sky trend continuing.

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