NHL players say Edmonton Oilers have 'best visiting locker room' in the league

Nov 5 2019, 2:53 pm

The verdict is in, and the Pacific Division is not the only thing the Edmonton Oilers are on top of right now — with the visiting locker room at Rogers Place being voted best in the league by the players themselves.

ESPN canvassed the league, pressing 50 players on hot topics in the NHL, including best and worst visiting locker rooms, secret Twitter accounts, worst road cities, recreational drug use in the league, and more.

Edmonton was voted the best visiting locker room by 40% of players, followed by 28% voting for Las Vegas, and 20% voting for Detroit.

“Edmonton is like a penthouse. There’s so much space,” said one of the players.

The arena at Rogers Place was newly built in 2016, which probably has a lot to do with the “penthouse” vibes in the visiting locker room some players are talking about.

“The visiting locker room is the best thing about going to Edmonton,” said another player.

While the locker room itself was popular, Edmonton winters make travelling here a real drag — which is why Edmonton was ranked third for the worst road cities to play in.

“I feel like we always play Edmonton in the middle of winter and it sucks,” said one player.

According to the poll, the worst road city to play in was Winnipeg, with 42% of the votes, followed by Buffalo with 34%, and Edmonton with 10%.

“Winnipeg. It’s always cold. Tough rink to play in. It’s just dirty — you walk around the city and feel like you need to wash your face after you go outside. So nothing about it is very exciting,” said one player.

Hey, at least we aren’t Winnipeg.