Edmonton man charged after allegedly coughing on bus driver

Apr 7 2020, 10:29 am

A 38-year-old Edmonton man has been charged by the Edmonton Police Service after allegedly coughing on a bus driver.

According to a release from Edmonton Police Service, the man has been charged under the Public Health Act for “allegedly attempting to infect another individual with the COVID-19 virus.”

New guidelines put in place under the Public Health Act allow for police and peace officers to enforce penalties for those ignoring government and health orders related to coronavirus.

The incident took place on Sunday, April 5, on an ETS bus near Southgate mall in Edmonton, according to police.

It was reported that the bus driver had pulled over and stopped the bus after noticing a physical altercation between two passengers. Transit Peace Officers were said to be attempting to arrest one of the males involved.

“It is alleged that the accused entered the bus driver’s enclosure and repeatedly coughed on the bus driver. Police were also told that the accused coughed on the Transit Peace Officers during their arrest, before stating that he had tested positive for COVID-19,” said a release from EPS.

Daniel Black, 38, of Edmontonis charged with two counts of assault, assault of a Peace Officer, and an individual contravening an order of the Chief Medical Officer under the Public Health Act.

Black is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

EPS is reminding citizens to stay home and adhere to pandemic protocols if they are showing symptoms and/or have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Citizens found in contravention of these orders can be charged by Peace Officers, Bylaw Officers, and members of the Edmonton Police Service.

“The fundamental focus is for all citizens to adhere to compliance within the orders. An enforcement mechanism is now at our disposal for those who demonstrate utter disregard to follow the Orders that have been established in the interests of public safety,” said Supt. Dean Hilton, from EPS Pandemic Command, in a release.

“We’ve been called upon by the premier and the chief medical officer to enforce these orders to ensure that all Edmontonians are strictly adhering to the rules to slow the spread of this dangerous virus.”