A California neighbourhood has streets named after TONS of Canadian cities

May 30 2023, 1:30 pm

If you got a trip planned to this city in California, you might be surprised to learn that there is a section with streets named after Canadian cities.

Tucked away in the Hunter’s Ridge neighbourhood of Fontana is a series of streets, drives, circles, lanes, ways, and avenues that would make any Canadian perk up if they heard them.

If you find it too hard to believe, we linked the Google Maps location here so you can see it for yourself.

There are so many Canadian spots riddled throughout this area, including Edmonton Street, Toronto Avenue, Calgary Circle, Vancouver Avenue, Regina Way, Halifax Circle, Montreal Drive, Winnipeg Circle, Sudbury Way, St. Albert Drive, La Sarre Drive, and Oshawa Avenue, just to name a few.

The love for Canada doesn’t just stop with cities- there is also Alberta Lane, Nova Scotia Drive, Ontario Circle, Quebec Way, Brunswick Drive, Manitoba Drive, Yukon Circle, Labrador Avenue, and Columbia Drive.

streets Canadian cities

Google Maps

streets Canadian cities

Google Maps

Google Maps

So, there you have it.

If you ever find yourself in Fontana and live in Canada, it might be worth trekking to this area and nab a photo or two of the residential signs. A little piece of Canada in sunny California!

Fontana isn’t the only spot in California with streets paying homage to Canadian cities– there’s one spot in San Diego that shows some serious love for Alberta.

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