8 reasons why living in these Edmonton communities is good for your well-being

Oct 3 2022, 4:45 pm

We know communities that create an environment where you can truly thrive and live your best life promote overall well-being — so we love to take a peek inside developments that are putting an emphasis on this.

Take Edmonton’s Brookfield Residential, for instance, where residents’ health, happiness, and well-being have been at the forefront of the design process.

The Brookfield Residential communities in Chappelle Gardens, Edgemont, The Orchards, and Paisley have an array of walking trails, parks, and other outdoor spaces to inspire healthy, active lifestyles. Plus, both The Orchards and Chappelle Gardens have a Resident’s Association who organize community events, create opportunities for residents to meet new neighbours, and make lifelong friendships.

Let’s take a look at eight amenities that make living in a Brookfield community good for your health.

Outdoor gym

Let’s face it, sometimes when we’ve finished work and made dinner, all we want to do is binge our latest favourite TV show, especially during the longer fall and winter evenings. But with an outdoor gym right outside Brookfield’s Chappelle Gardens homes — and outdoor lighting — there’s no excuse not to nip out for a few turns on the modern workout equipment — the perfect remedy for a good night’s sleep.

Bee pollinator greenway

Take a walk along the bee pollinator greenway and observe nature at work (don’t worry — bees don’t bite like those pesky wasps). Brookfield is introducing apiaries into its communities to protect the honey bee population which is vital in the creation of our food supplies. At Chappelle Gardens, the bee pollinator greenway is a designated space for bees and other pollinators to travel through and find safe and reliable sources of food. What a great way to relax while learning about sustainability.

Wedgewood Creek Ravine

A beautiful, quiet, wooded area featuring a popular trail for hiking, mountain biking, and running, Wedgewood Creek Ravine offers residents of Brookfield’s Edgemont community a place of solitude right on their doorstep, where they can easily get away from it all — and maybe see some beavers at work.

Sustainable playground

Just steps away from Edgemont homes, you can allow your little ones to run around in the fresh air at the sustainable playground, which is made from dense hardwood and features lots of adventure-filled equipment.

Community gardens

What’s better than digging into a freshly prepared meal made with items grown in your very own garden? That’s part of the appeal of the Edgemont and Chappelle Gardens communities, where garden spaces are available for residents.

Walking to school pathway

Walking to school is good for our children’s health so it’s wonderful that the walking trails at Brookfield’s The Orchards and Chappelle Gardens communities pass right by local schools (for K to grade 6 and K to grade 9) — what a great way to ditch the stressful commute. Offering 2.5-kilometre, 5-kilometre, and 8-kilometre routes, there’s a route for everyone to get out into the fresh air and enhance their day.

Off-leash dog park

Nestled in the Brookfield community of Paisley, you’ll find the south Edmonton off-leash dog park. This ‘paw-pular’, 0.9-hectare park is double-gated and has a designated small-dog area, providing safety and peace of mind for residents and their furry friends. Plus there are lots of dog-friendly features designed to tire your pooch out.

Public art

Given art promotes good mental health, it’s fitting that Brookfield Paisley developers included four colourful sculptures by artist Dan Corson that celebrate the diversity and creativity of the neighbourhood. The cool sculptures are monochromatic by day and light up with LED lights at night.

If you’re searching for a new home and interested in learning more about Brookfield Residential and how they build communities that are designed with healthy living in mind, visit their website.

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