It’s not just you: Vacation deprivation levels hit a 10-year high in Canada

Apr 27 2023, 5:18 pm

If you’re feeling overworked and desperately in need of a holiday, you’re not alone.

According to the recently published vacation deprivation report by Expedia, 57% of Canadian working adults feel vacation deprived. This is up from 55% in 2022 and the highest recorded rate of vacation deprivation in the last 10 years.

The cost of living is making it increasingly challenging for Canadians to take a much-needed break from their daily routine.

If you couple inflationary pressures with the challenges of scheduling time off work, escaping for a week in the sun is feeling increasingly unattainable.

A considerable 68% of Canadians wished their employers would improve their time-off policies, and 64% said they would even be willing to switch jobs for a chance to have more vacation days.

These findings indicate that employers should be mindful of their employees’ need for sufficient time off to improve overall productivity and job satisfaction.

The struggles of navigating holiday booking websites can also be a barrier for wannabe travellers, with 61% of Canadians finding the process of booking holidays and comparing travel deals stressful.

“Vacation deprivation is feeling like you don’t have enough vacation time but it’s a sneakier, more complex syndrome than that,” said Melanie Fish, head of Expedia Group brands public relations.

“Vacation deprivation is also not taking all the vacation time you’re entitled to because planning feels overwhelming,” she added.

Around the globe, the situation is even worse than it is in Canada.

The average global rate of holiday deprivation was even higher than that of Canada at 62%. The country with the highest rate was Mexico at 77%.

holiday deprivation

The report also found that globally, Gen Z is experiencing the most significant vacation deprivation at 73%. In contrast, the baby boomer generation reported the lowest levels of vacation deprivation at 43%.

holiday deprivation


Despite the challenges, Canadians are determined to travel in 2023 “no matter what,” according to the report.

This renewed enthusiasm for travel is likely due to the prolonged period of restrictions and lockdowns in the past couple of years.

Do you feel vacation deprived? Do you aim to change that with vacation plans for this year? Let us know in the comments.

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